We believe your business should really have an image that truly reflects how awesome you are. And Maverick Creative is the team to make sure of that.

Why We're So Special

We believe that every project needs an objective and a strategy. You provide the objective, we can provide the strategy and steps to complete your vision. We develop your story and derive what we believe to be the most effective way to tell it. Messages are stories, stories are meant to be told. We can help you tell that story.

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The Maverick Story

On the cusp of the 5 year mark where many businesses fail, we are still moving strong and expanding. We are a team of technologically and artistically passionate people. We are obsessed with details. We love to inspire and be inspired. We love to move and be moved. We love to evoke emotion through design, motion, and user experience. This is our reason for being.

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Look Awesome

Your company needs a strong image. We are the professionals that devote our lives to fulfilling that need. Let us contribute to your growth and success by providing top level creative production that will make a splash in your industry. Let us do what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Sales Team

March 7, 2013

Who We Are Maverick Creative is a creative production company located in the GTA. We offer a host of services to develop customers brands, help them get noticed and tell their story. We pride ourselves on…

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